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12:00 - 14:00                                                                                                              Open Mat    Open Mat




16:20 - 17:20    KIDS 4 - 6 J     KIDS 6- 8 J      KIDS 4 - 6 J       KIDS 6 - 8 J    KIDS 6 - 8 J


17:20 - 18:20    KIDS 8 - 12 J                        KIDS 8 - 12  J                         KIDS 8 - 12 J  

18:00 - 19:30                         NO - GI                                   NO - GI


19:00 - 20:00    BJJ TECKNIK                         BJJ TECKNIK                           BJJ TECKNIK 

20:00 - 21:00    BJJ SPARRING                      BJJ SPARRING                       BJJ SPARRING

19:30 - 21:00                         MUAY - THAI                          MUAY - THAI     






hi! I'm Tiago De Paula and come from Brazil and have been living here in Europe since 2003. before I started bjj I was overweight and had trouble focusing on the things. I found myself getting stressed about the little things going on in my life and around me.

I am happy and proud to say that bjj has changed my life.

for the last  7 years I have found I am able to focus more and don't get stressed easily.

I moved to Zürich in 2014 and I am bringing BJJ to those who want to learn the gentle art.

I am a Brown belt from Prof. Felipe Thiago BROA Carlson Gracie Zürich.



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art / combat sport focusing on grappling and ground fighting. The goal is to control and resist the opponent forcing him to submit. The submission generally happens by applying locks or chokes. It has been developed in Brasil by the Gracie family and originates from Kodokan Judo. In the recent years it became very popular with thousands of practitioners and competitors all around the world.

We welcome those of all ages from complete beginners to more advanced practitioners and competitors. It doesn’t matter where you are now in terms of fitness and expertise .. just come learn and let our team work with you to help you reach your own individual goals, whether they be just getting in great shape, learning to defend yourself, or compete in tournament


Khun Kru Dario Freddi is a professional and highly qualified Muay Thai teacher and fighter, internationally recognized for his excellent technique and teaching method. He was honored in 2018 with the black-silver mongkon and certified as Kru. Dario was teaching under Khun Kru Franco who studied MuayThai with Arjan Surachai "Chai" Sirisute (USA) and Arjan Pranorm "Deng" Aumpin (Thailand).

Valeria is a qualifield Level 3 Ginastica Natural Instructor, she has practiced Martial arts

(Muay - Thai, Kickboxing & 2 years of BJJ) for 15 years and has already gained competitive experience in Switzerland and Thailand. After completing her Training as health specialist,

she completed further Training as Fitness Instructor and at the same time caught up on the BMS. Today she studies Sports Management at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden and also offers Ginastica Natural and Personal Training in Zürich.

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Our dojo was founded in 2017 by Tiago De Paula. We are a family focussed DOJO where you find a friendly atmosphere with lots of different nationalities. We are around 100 respectful students and we help one another to grow as human beings

New students will undertake a learning journey based on the origins of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and learn the most effective self-defence discipline developed by the Gracie Family.






Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information
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